Let’s share a secret

The foundation of every fulfilling relationship is the existence of honesty and a very efficient way to exhibit my honesty is to share a secret, with everyone who has beared me until now.

The idea of being famous is always an contagious one, just like following your passions and drives.It never is an easy path, but one of endurance and patience. Sure, there are stupid and idiotic ways to be instantly the subject matter of a spotlight. Yet the concept of making a ridicule has been never fancied by me, I prefer to keep one’s reputation and intellect intact in the process of even being a snob.

Being an young woman from an country where yet so many women struggle for their fundamental rights increases the passion of being something in this vast world that can leave you oblivious, and dwindle your existence.

I had always envisioned the idea of writing a travelling blog but I had the same typical, conventional and even outright hilarious excuses of not proceeding with this venture. There are numerous travel blogs out there ready to be explored ; and waiting to be worshipped.My excuses were that I hadn’t travelled enough, lacked the experience, training, right community, and resources.I feared that my experiences and my concepts were mediocre, and had nothing unique to accompany them.

It was months later I realised that all of us maybe have the same core experiences but all are experiences are exclusive to us only, making them unique. Your life no matter how boring it seems, will be obsessively just yours to create, yours to explore and yours to discover. All that you have gone through, is unique to you the rest be kept aloof.

As I write this post here sitting in one part of the world I feel privileged. I feel grateful to all those who follow this blog, however few they may be. I want to thank them for making time for me, for being a witness to my thoughts. For being my companions , everyone desires that their story be heard. No one wants to die alone with their own tales and the fact that someone miles away from you cares for what you write, is an ecstatic feeling.

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