Day 3: Song

A time travelling machineWith tunes that haunt timeLingering in the minds to wander and yearnWith a spirit that never dies for the magic to be born Feel it in fear with trembling limbsFeel it in joy with shaking hipsFeel it in nervousness with quivering lips Food for the soulThat is humming notes unknownWhile forgetting the …

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Day 2: Open

Open the gates and let the flood flowOpen your hearts to let the sorrow glow Open your minds and let the doubts soarOpen the walls to let the mystery roar Open the windows and let the eloped wind ashoreOpen the sky to let the stars pour Open your eyes and be blinded by the lightHush, …

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Day 1: Joke

Often taken lightlyOften gone wrong Often a reliefOften a bit strong Often a helpOften a bond Often too coldOften too warm Often a mirrorOften just a cheer Maybe the death of a feelingAlways an idea wealing Behold, it's all a rich jokeAlas, we're all broke

Jar of Wonder (Part 1)

She had a jar full of wonder,Filled with sand, soil and thunder. Wherever she'd been she would collect a bit of it,Mud from the hollows deep or breeze from a day well-lit. That rusted jar travelled the world with her,To shatter in pieces across the shore astir. Swept by the wind and swallowed by the …

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Do We Know Infinity?

Every infinity is equal to every other infinity. None of them can be lesser or greater  however, a countable infinity can be greater or lesser than a single infinity.This is the infinity paradox. Kafkaesque philosophy is about trying and peddling against a meaningless world and existence; making sense of the ultimately absurd or is it …

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Deserted Streets

Streets and lanes, the epicenter of excitement and heat and heart of travel. You can know all you want to know about a place by simply strolling through it's streets and lingering in it's lanes. This is the destination where you are bound to find patterns if not conclusions. Most of the best relevations happen …

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Happy Diwali!

This is that time of the year, when it shouldn't rain in India but it is raining. This is that time of the year, when we will eat too many sweets and think of a diet only a morning after. This is that time of the year, when  while putting on lights we'll  get to …

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