Hopelessly Overdue Train

Gliding soundlessly through the bleak nightThe haunted souls were weary of the lightsTheir days were wakeful with the plightsTheir nights sleepless with these barefoot strides A beautiful oak with crumbling leavesHad just begun shedding it's mightReminiscing passions that were bound to grieveIt rooted strongly for those benign delights In this lane abundant with streetlightIt gave …

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1. Stealing the Spotlight

Taken by photographer Riya Varma (who also happens to be close friend).I wish I could share with you a link to her site or instagram account but she doesn't have one yet. So I request you to please leave your comments, feedbacks and messages for her so that we can finally convince her together to …

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With a rapture akin to fear, a day becomes longer than a year.

31 Days of October

While I may have been on an hiatus in October, there's someone who certainly hasn't been on one. Producing 31 paintings for the 31 days of October, she made the month eventful, enchanting and meaningful. Even though she's one of my best friends, you will surely not call me biased after you've seen her works. …

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Letters at Dusk

I don't know the genres of musicBut I hear the untouched dew drops fallMaybe I even hear your fate giving a distant callIf you can't desert a referenceCall it a love harsher than indifference If all you remember is painThen you were destined to partBut if the rippling rain on the lake makes you insaneThen …

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We have crown shyness

I remember you once kissed me on tiptoeMaybe that's the reason you couldn't stand firm and had to let goWe were the same species fully grownExhibitng our crown shyness that kept us alone Now our spectacular display of coloursComes from our internal cracksLike magnificent feldspar mineralsWithout the literal facts We no longer make up more …

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On The Brink

The smoke curling up the screenFlat against the surface sheen I prop my elbows on the stoolResting my face in my handsTo watch the great blaze like a foolWho smiles softly as the ashes land Realising reality makes it less realIdolizing it makes it even less ideal I wonder if the rain looked alike ten …

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Peanut Butter Diamond

A sale in souls went badCompensated by the breaths they had They saw that cold fire glowBut they didn't feel the warmth just the snowToo close would be to burnToo distant would be to yearn A border is where that comfort is bornNeither indifference; nor understandingFloating gently and not harsh landing I shut my eyes …

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Bereaved Butterfly

Turn back to and don't look for it aheadThat wretched destiny sheltered in fate's run-down shedYou like your truth processed and not served rawTo be gulped down like juice or comfortably with a straw There's velvet in your stepsWhere it all converges at a point You gently nudged herBut that broke her wingsAnd now there's …

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The Velvet Of Paradise

The moon was wet on that rainy dayIt searched for shades in the clouds that swayedThe robes of silken light too rich to be drenchedThe bewitching figure hides as the heavens sweat Nothing spends like it's purposeless exhaustionWhen it's feelings are tossed hot on a plate to caterOnly to be cold and stale when served …

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