Are you late?

Things around us are rapidly transforming and I confess I'm a little late....are you?

The Imperial Empress

The imperial empress penned poems on sliding doorsThe gulf of grief that refused to swallow herNow let the stream of life sweep her onStealing the glamour from all impending dusks and dawns On a quest for her spent soul in a crumbling palace of jadeResisting the urges for picturesque scenarios to fadeTreading in the royal …

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Letters of Love in the Time of Corona

Letters from strangers to strangers.

Night View of Saruwaka-machi

Did the government's plan backfire?

One-liner Wednesday-Lottery

Finding loose change in the pockets as I do my laundry; is my closest experience to winning a lottery. To participate in one-liner Wednesday check out Linda's blog.

Shipwreck In The Sky

Flying over the no time zone Floating over altitudes high Swarmed by the endless clouds I see the shipwrecks in the sky

VForce #UNV_India #COVID19

I have joined as a V-Force Volunteer to fight against #covid_19 #VForce #unv_India @unv_India Hi I am Kanjika, I have joined V-Force India as an Online volunteer to fight against #COVID19. It's an Initiative of #UNV_India to spread the right awareness and act together as volunteers.I request you to become an Online Volunteer with us …

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Hopelessly Overdue Train

Gliding soundlessly through the bleak nightThe haunted souls were weary of the lightsTheir days were wakeful with the plightsTheir nights sleepless with these barefoot strides A beautiful oak with crumbling leavesHad just begun shedding it's mightReminiscing passions that were bound to grieveIt rooted strongly for those benign delights In this lane abundant with streetlightIt gave …

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1. Stealing the Spotlight

Taken by photographer Riya Varma (who also happens to be close friend).I wish I could share with you a link to her site or instagram account but she doesn't have one yet. So I request you to please leave your comments, feedbacks and messages for her so that we can finally convince her together to …

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With a rapture akin to fear, a day becomes longer than a year.