Wield the wand

Magic the credence that never dies. A tale of deadly tool for the wicked and the blesseth weapon for the bliss, and a force between this spectrum of extreme for those who believe in grey and the undefined perspective.
The tendency which ceases to allure with the passage of time and the frequency of use.A factor which is steadily ingnored due to habit and adaptation. A special gift which should be seldom used .

The decoration that adds to the aesthic and gaudy, yet so grand to be trivial and mundane.
We all want to be the Harry Potter, catch some fantastic beasts and be wizard of Oz but we might just be the secret of a traditional recipe, the unventured corner of a popular park, the window seat in a running train, the smile when the surrounding seems to drain, all desire, a wand and a cape but the simplest of magic is the one that lasts an eternity and remembered through all centuries.

To do the work of a lifetime in seconds of spells is the magic which restricts itself.It must yield a power as powerful unpredictable , and untamed as nature itself.
Magic lies in the air, you must breathe it without taking it for granted. Magic is a force to be explored, alluring and lethal. A soul which is beautiful because of it’s flaws.

You see it when you choose to, when you are brave enough to construct your own norms and undo all that you unconsciously inherit. When you are brave enough to sacrifice your label of ‘sanity’ and trade it for deals greater than mere eccentric.

When you enjoy every moment of losing control, and zealously admire your obsessing even when you are aware of how you shall be perceived. It’s about living a life with no certain rewards, and exasperating risks due to the characteristic traits of uncertainty.A intangible force making you jumpy but summoning you into a different dimension.
Magic is something you create, and not something you seek.
It lies deep inside you, with you being the one with the map to hunt the forbidden treasure, if you believe and choose to do so.


Brute Brain

I always knew I wanted to write to be like the authors who touch your heart , or crush it so deeply that even their fiction seems more concrete than reality. Those who create in me a crazy urge to break  free and away from the world that bounded me for a lifetime only to be a part of something that enchanted me for a couple of hours. 

It sends me deep into retrospection afraid of what I want to find or to admit that I already know my answers.They are so powerful you feel emotion more strongly than you can imagine. They scare you, that you might break apart piece by piece just by syllables from words alone. They change something in you ,without indulging in the complicated network of knowing you.They can manipulate your emotions which is scary ,yet fascinating. I’d love to meet authors who plunged me into their brians, captured me by their claws through words alone.They altered my reality, or atleast how I perceive my reality.

But I’m afraid I am small in front of them. They show things and create a world so strange that it binds people.I’ve always wanted to do that , I’ve never been sure if I really could . They seem strong, certain they can plunge into the farthest corner of their minds transport the darkest ideas with eloquency. I’m afraid to even venture my thoughts astray from my comfort zone. I’m afraid I am not as creative, as perceptive as I perceive myself to be .Maybe I’m deceiving myself.Maybe I was never made to write. Maybe all I have is a pipe dream of a teenage girl who in all honesty is just mediocre , sometimes less than it.

Fame is not what I desire . I want to impact someone like they imapcted me . Leave a handprint of their mind.Transcend deep secrets to strangers in the vaguest words ,let them imagine the product of the working of my own brain.Give them freedom to create a memory yet control the frameworks of their imagination.

What I get stuck in is the technicalities of writing and free flow of my brute brain which doesn’t create something beautiful ,like my mentors did but rather something so plain that I’m afraid everyone will just step over it and they won’t be the one to blame.I feel I lack the I intellect , the instinct but what is terrifiying is my certainity to go ahead despite these restraints.I am a mortal being with irrational desires and illogical actions.Stupid. Human.

The fundamentals of funny

Add a pinch of funny to the dish of personality to create a gung-ho recipe of fun and effortless favorability.

The concepts of funny are available in various ranges, intensities and frequencies made to suit your subjective desires and wills with  imperfection. On the huge spectrum you can demand for ridicule, plead for self-deprecaition, seek the intelligence or thrive on sarcasm.

If you are vying for some attention and goodwill bring out the humour to serve the therapeutic effect. Afraid of how to start how about unapologetic honesty and a sincere effort to loosen up.Use the catch of candour or the power of contextual reference.

Looking for a fixed reputation bearing jokes invest in the trends, follow the mainstream and don’t shy away from your potential craziness and whack.

Be sure to maintain the fine line between the cynosure of my guide to charisma and the mantras of annoyance. It’s classic to make mistakes it’s the guaranteed path to a funnier lane.

Keep the sarcastic tones with the ironic undercurrents and rings always on the edge. Differneces in any aspect are alluring use them to your advantage.

Venture into the cosmic questions in the void. Detach yourself from the generic grave intellectual tones and give a shot to the eccentric and upbeat yet, you can always brood.

Confidence and bravery is the right key my lords and my ladies. Under uncontrollable environments when there is an advent into the downward spiral remember you ought to stop the non- sense at a certain point.

Always have the ready provisions of impairments and get habituated to occasional embarrasments and humiliation.

Strange as it might seem keep practising and executing the morals of your strange jokes even if they rapidly convert into dark and twisted imagination.

In the end if it all deviates from our intricately designed masterplan too great in authenticity you most likely should brace yourself for as the Indonesians like to call it a JAYUS! 

The confessions of a public speaker

Public speaking the art where your voice esteemes attention, understanding and indulgence. The each second on the podium where all eyes just anticipate you, where you words trail the wind and when you hold complete sway. The moments on the stage where you derive divine confidence, and without a check seem legendary.Each minute has been rihghtly lived to the fullest and no heartbeat seems to be inconsequential.

The advantages of having a handful of interests is that every single one of them occupies a propinquity to your heart.The loss of either one will prove to be a major breakdown in the functioning of your creative life. I have been a public speaker as far as my memory permits me to remember.A stickler for being a speaker that commands centre of attention. The fact that whether my voice holds a power or strength, or a casual eccentricity suited for varied events is still a matter of distress supported by versatile opinions. The proclaimation with absolute certainity is that I am hopelessly in love with debates, declamations, just a minute , speeches, reporting, narrations and story- telling.

Ironically I always found looking in the depth of eyes of a thousands people a drastically simple task rather than speaking with one person and holding their gaze. A one to one conversation always seems to be more petrifying and dreadful to me rather than a huge audience willing to hear you to do a fundamental task called speaking and expressing your opinions.Maybe I am an invention of social awkwardnes, though I’m still in denial.

Why this untangled peculiarity exists in my behaviour is a mystery even to my presumably detective mind. I’ve always feared a higher frequency of judgement being passed in one to one talk – the manner in which you dress, the reputation you hold, the need to speak in harmony with an individual’s interest and beliefs, etc. Although most of these factors hold true even for a larger audience yet pleasing a large crowd with no close promixity to any individual seems to be a menial tasks then being in good graces of a single person at every single time.Might be due to the fact, that you are mostly willing to propose the right, and although what might be right can even tend to be a cosmic question in the void but everyone mostly has similar ideas to arrive at the destination which is called being right.

Small talk always made me anxious and awkward. I seemed to gather confidence in a hall full of intellectuals but never quite enough in an group of girls my own age. Maybe it’s due the prospect that when I am talking to girls akin myself I strive to be accepted; while when I public speak it is my audience who in that particular moment must try to understand and be on the same page as myself, even when they most strongly are averse to my views. For in those moments it is their duty to be willing to listen after I spent a substantial fraction of time analysing them and trying to come up with something for them while remaining true to my own morals.The job of  being a listener can be en even more difficult path than being a speaker.

As strange as it might seem I prefer being a platonic part of the lives of thousands of people, and solve their problems than being an integral part of just one’s life and working through the intricacy of their heart and brain trying to decipher their day to day lives. Attribute it to my weirdness , these confessions are the work of my candour.

To all the travel bloggers

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. –   Benjamin Disraeli

Travel is an adventure of the most passionate and wildest of souls. Wanderlust transcends to all the ages, through all the times, in the most unusual and unheard ways. Travelling is that art which has led to the discovery of new cultures, societies, customs, perhaps even continents, but most importantly it has leads to the actualization and discovery of one’s inner self.

Travelling summarizes as venturing beyond your comfort zone, daring to feel like a stranger yet craving for an attachment. It as a task which can lead to disorientation of surroundings, yet connect you to yourself in a way you never reckoned possible. It acquaints you with not only the new and unexperienced, but something that lay hidden and inside you for as long as now in the very essence of this moment.

Travelling can change your beliefs, challenge your thoughts, transform your principles and prevail your courage and bravery, in the most trifling ways like talking to a stranger, trusting your instinct, and letting go of the fanatics of self-preservation for a moment of sheer vulnerability. This newfound courage, crave and curiosity can make you do wonders.

You were in a cocoon until now looking at the world from the bewildered eyes of a worm having a worm eye’s view but when you develop to leave that cocoon you transform into a beautiful butterfly soaring the skies with its colourful wings. Ready to explore every new flower, ready to take in the fragments of new colours so that they become parts of you. You look to the world from a bird’s eye view.

When you travel you chase an endless dream, that you would be unaware of sitting in a humble abode somewhere being perfectly satisfied with the stability and routine. You widen the horizons of your life not only in a physical perimetric sense but in a deep symbolic prose.

Travelling is an education, it’s a learning teaching you to adapt and be flexible, yet retain the core and individuality. It teaches you to give up the rigid rules you swear by and embrace the beauty of diversity, and complexity. It encourages you to break down the complexes and diversities into simplicity and even makes the simplest jobs an accomplishment.

You experience different forms of happiness, happy lives and contentment. Different concepts of fun, excitement and kindness. A peace of the most mobile tendency. A familiarity and nostalgia in remote land thousands of miles, from what you call home.

Travelling is more than just seeing the beautiful, popular, the starlit sky, turbulence, or arid deserts it is about once in a while seeing yourself become someone different, becoming an admirer, not a critic neither a rebel but a devotee. It is about seeing yourself in a new light and role, and learning not only the ground reality but yourself.

It is how the beauty of French taught you about subtlety, how the rules of the land of the rising sun taught you the importance of homogeneity as a cohesive group, how the Pyramids taught the harsh reality of lethal beauties of the wild nature. Yet standing strong through all the odds and emerging more inspiring and captivating than ever. Raising the bars even when you thought they were unreachable.

A Traveller is one who learns to respect, shows integrity, is open to changes, and has truly gained from the experiences of not only himself but even of the other secondary sources. Travelling teaches you to mould with others, to be a part of someone else’s world, to dedicate your efforts to someone else and in return in teaches you to stand out even while you try to fit in.

 Travelling is akin to life itself anxiety in the beginning, enjoyment and challenges in the process, and a sense of fulfilment yet unquenched thirst in the end. It teaches you to embrace an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar people and treat them with awe. It teaches you to believe in yourself and confide in your skills. To have faith in not only the place to the hospitality of which you throw yourself, but faith even in your actions, decisions and takeaways. The way you treat others, is the way you treat yourself. If you are kind to others, you are kind to yourself.

Ancient hermits, Indian sages, the wise and the grave men, denounced material life and travelled till they found inner peace. The only way to find peace is look beyond yourself as it changes something inside you. Learn from how others lead their life, don’t just go to a place belong to it. Find nobility in the modest of hearts.

The cherry blossom is not just an indication of the spring but the emblem of the fleeting and temporary, the mountains are not just a peak but he strong and sustainable. The forbidden might as well be a ridicule thought of mind. Travelling makes you live several lives. You know what you like because you have tried what you thought you didn’t like.

Go and widen your perspective, probe deep in the corners of your own mind, the small moments might seem more glorifying than the pompous ones. Go and get yourself a new reality, an outlook, escape the prejudices and bias. It not just about the countries, but morals, lessons, and a taste to life.

Go around and discover yourself as an unknown reward. Hear the melodies of emotions and beats of your ever changing heart and desires. Dance to the tunes of life, sway to the changes of time, breathe the new, behold the heritage and stop the time. Find a home in every part of the world.

(Dedicated to all the travel bloggers who take out their own time to share their tales, stories and experiences. To those who want to share their thrill with the world even when they could succumb to not doing so. To those you take out time out of their hectic travelling lives, only so we could be inspired to be a part of it. Thank you to all of you for the efforts you really take to share your joy.)

Opposite of life

Life is stranger than fiction. A fiction has to be convincing, life is under no such obligation. The greatest thing to me in the world are cynics amd skeptics, trust me, we are glad when we are proven wrong. We concern you and ourselves with the evils and the uglies to further glorify the importance of good.

Life is full of wonders, adventures and unchecked happiness having hope and faith is not something which is hopelessly romantic or foolish, it is rather a different perspective. A perspective that we all breed deep inside us ;even though we try to hide it in glooms, stress and disbelief. We often forget that our race and time is just more than an era of competition, insecurities, cruelty and greed it has even been the one of compassion, sacrifice , courage and inspiration irrespective of age, origin or circumstances.

You get better when you don’t even realize you are getting better. It is only when you sit on a bench and stare into distance to trace back your life you become aware that you have grown, progressed and been someone that you would have liked to be.

We’d be better off if we spent our time and resources to make ourselves of even more use than we already are. We’d be brave if we spent your life in making or taking someone else a step closer to their ambitions instead of pondering and fretting over things we’re powerless to control. Improve a few lives even if it must be in the simplest of ways.

As Elie Wiesel once said- The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference. 

Indifference is one of the most dangerous things in the world it makes you blind to the good, kind and the brave. It no longer matters that someone snatched your opportunity, rights, and chance to accomplish, simply because you choose to do nothing about it. You allow yourself to crumble into a nothing, in a vast world which alreday challenges you to insignificance. You refuse the challenge, you give up without trying , you fail to act even if it must be like a coward.

We all ought to have a ikinagi. A purpose for which we wake up every morning. Be it love, family or ambition.The amazing thing about life is sometimes when you fail to get what you desire you might be actually dodging a bullet.

Stop treating life akin to a loan, a liabilty you must repay by the burden of EMI is a sysytematic matter. Treat it like a author who writes a book ;apart from a few conventional rules there is nothing that binds you. You are a creator of your own story, and the tale is such that the world will be glad to know.

Stop existing start living. The world is not falling apart. It can’t until people like you and me exist, who believe that is our job to be good, who try to make a difference, who choose to act bravely in the face of fear and speak our heart and mind even if our opinion bothers others and does not necessarily attempt to be idealized.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and no road can be more difficult than the life and the world itself.

Songs of silence

We human beings constantly seek company especially, at those places and instances where the lack of one makes us seem vulnerable, feel weak and makes us more susceptible to injuries. We seek company when we fear we might be left alone, isolated in a world where community is essential to survive. The luxury of company can be enjoyable but exhausting at the very same time when the constant aim is to fit in, be accepted, and perceived with a general likeability.

Silence can be an extremely scary concept in this world, since it is accompanied by uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and incomprehension. We the people, are constantly in search of answers, we are forever on a rail of thoughts of processing, analysing and understanding our surroundings and circumstances. We read faces, we observe others, we conceal the truths with assured lies. However, it is silence which gives away nothing, which does not fill the gaps and derails the normal process of thoughts. Silence is indifferent, it leaves you with nothing but an awareness of oneself.

It exposes you to either the insignificance of your existence, or the magnanimity of your life. It provides no judgements but leaves you with a bare terrifying truth in that moment. It makes you an invisible, who is intensely aware and extremely impressionable. It leaves you with a burden yet makes you feel inconsequent. It lifts your sense of purpose and allows you to just feel your own company. It permits you to notice yourself freely with no judgements attached, makes you wild and unruly only granting a temporary freedom of innumerable chains that hold you back.

The petrifying unpredictability of silence makes it intriguing; as it catches you off-guard yet, never exploits your weakness. The strange thing about silence is, you come across it multiple number of times even then it always seems to be forged fresh. Silence is a comforting fear, not to be too indulgent of but never to be ignored. A story best left untold.

Silence speaks when words can’t.