To All The Photographer Bloggers


Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Photography is the art that encapsulates imaginations, memories, desires and feelings. The curious skill of capturing the intangible in the visible which is often more complicated than the inner and the purely abstract. A photographer is a skilled inventor who must always strike the most intricate balance between the scientific and the empirical. He or she has to always exercise their methods, practices and customs without absolutely giving in to the serene, being a part of that beauty that they store. Creating and emulating it for the beholders of the photograph, while being the spirit of their own work.

Photographers are the amalgamation of wit, courage and knowledge. They observe and stand true to their values even when being enamored by beauty or swept by horrors and fascinations and even when they assign their individuality they are always respectful and in awe of their subjects, filled with empathy and devotion making their subjects trust them and welcome them in their own hemisphere. They don’t just see, they act and they don’t just experience they share. They produce results of the impossible and records of the oblivion. They don’t capture a moment, they set it free.

They let the moment float in the current of time with its own motion; defying the stream that the convention creates for them, they render eternity and consistency in a realm of corruption and distortions. They freeze the motion, while making the resolutions stir. A snap has a power to relax all anxieties and troubles, it can make you travel back in time and it can make you forget your insistent reality that craves attention. It can remind you of who you were, who you are and who you ought to be. It creates new paths while travelling the existing routes.

The lenses can often see what the visions might miss blurred by emotions, preoccupations, habits, prejudices or adaptations. It can make the overwhelming life, reality and expectations simple to us. It never goes in vain and is always fueled by a purpose even in the candid takes and the ideal flashes. It is a paradox in perfect harmony. It can build and re-shape, it can change and influence.

A picture is a wonderful reality; it can remain unaltered for eternity even in its deterioration; preserving its neutrality and vision while being prone to and allowing the right to interpretation; or it can grow, change and evolve in its perfect condition with your own growth and change in perspective with a transfiguration of the negative connotations to the positive and the puzzling mysteries to clear realities in pace with the civilizations itself. It can take you to unfamiliar places with a whiff of familiarity or the make the familiar places new and undiscovered.

Photographers often capture more than just nascent beauty they capture intellect, ideologies, faiths, moods and beliefs. It is the expression of passions that they present which ranges from strange to funny, scary to adorable and kind to romantic yet, what does not change is that these instruments known as photographs have an immense power over the soul and the senses. Every picture is an experience and journey to the senses through the soul, and to the soul through the senses. Every picture reveals more than it conceals and conceals more than it reveals. They travel between the past and the future with the medium of the present.

Photographers create hope, present realities, stimulate actions and illuminate possibilities they make us stand up for a cause, they make us imagine our opportunities and teach us to be content and equipped with ambitions. They are the strangers who share the strongest bond with us or those immensely close while remaining strangers. They are the ones who offer us the albums of mankind and the memoirs of nature. We must thank them because as Berenice Abbott puts it, “Photography helps people to see.”


Look out of your window

Follow every light and ponder over every sound as you gaze out of the window today, trace back the source of these factors that emerge over your window in no orderly fashion. While you go through this exhausting task, you will come to the epiphany that there are countless sources of light and countless sources of sound that you cannot account for. They are right in front of you within what I proudly call window radius; and yet you only have the vaguest idea of where they come from.

Your range of uncertainty here might seem very local, but think back, this limited field of vision which you do happen to see and encounter everyday can itself have so many elements of mystique so why would you expect the world and all that it stands for to be self-explanatory. When your local limited vision in itself isn’t flawless why would you imagine the macro view to be devoid of errors. We all are prone to vague ideas, generalizations and wild guesses no matter how thoroughly prepared we are. Instincts are truly a superpower, to provide you with balance in a globe that is whirling rapidly with abstract questions and a constant struggle with philosophy.

Accept that there may be things in and around you that you are not instantly suppose to be an expert on, these things,they will baffle you, disorient you, make you doubt your standing, you won’t understand their motive, origin or their very existence. Yet, just because you can’t explain it; doesn’t mean there is nothing to explain.

There are things suspended in the space, with their own energy, their own life and their own conclusion. A lot of the mysteries of life lie concealed within the towering forms of everyday life, in the unconscious tasks performed with a monotone that we never question, like a tall skyscraper obstructing the view of the clear sky with stars. The skyscraper may lie there in all its glory reflecting the height of human achievement, giving us an epitome, a standard of where we must strive to be but is it really a pinnacle? The sky is the ultimate level of achievement. The horizon with no form, how different is that from the structure with defined form and design, one floating with no form and another having solidarity in its shape. The two very different realms, preaching a message though fundamental but contradictory in nature.

Irony and paradoxes are inevitable in nature, they are the very definition of reality. However, you must now come back to your window and again look over the ledge. This anxiety of the source of light or sound does not have to be eternal. Sit back in the same spot each day, look out of the same window and slowly with time and observation, you will be able to trace the same light. The best equipment for uncertainty is acceptance, patience and devotion of time and not the writing off of problems that you cannot solve.

The writing off of issues, the ignorance and non confrontation with struggles only makes them more deeply rooted and inbuilt in nature taking up the space which should have been rightfully acquired by knowledge. Use all your five senses and believe then you will unravel the sound and master the lights. Untangle the knots slowly and finally the rope will achieve its full length, allowing it to be utilized to its maximum and to it’s best.

Don’t just have an eye for apartment and buildings with easy lights and predictable sounds, chase the speck of violet, don’t just hear the buzz of mechanics or rhythm of speech but hear the rumble of oblivion. Look out for the clear,vast and cosmic sky.

Look differently tomorrow and tell me what you see.

Yin and Yang

Since I can’t refrain myself from saying something silly this post was inspired by my love for Kung Fu Panda.

The Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang is the easiest answer to all that exists around us, within us and beyond us. It’s a fundamental that holds true in a world which we are constantly trying to oversimplify or overcomplicate.

You don’t want to achieve heaven unless you’ve lived on earth; and you can’t utilize your mind to its best without letting your body sustain its health. Even though the light may initially startle you when step out of darkness , that’s when you’ll embrace the light and also learn to not be afraid of the dark. Each side has at its core an element of the other (represented by the small dots) and maybe that’s the reason the greatest achievement we have as a human race is the virtue of empathy.The ability to understand others because deep down within us we have that very same element that they call their own.

Balance is something which is not ultimate , it is what you constantly seek. You are never truly in a state of balance but the idea is to overcome the distance and breathe the same air. To accomplish that you must undergo the variopus phases of ups and downs, light and dark , and peace and turmoil . You must never give up and succumb to a force , when you can create an energy emnating from yourself.Do not let anything take a hold over you, only because it’s the easy way out.Even when the difficult path may make you live the journey of Sisyphus driving a rock uphill only to see it falling back downhill for eternity.Nothing in this universe is truly eternal, all elements cease to exist at lengths only to resurface at temporray intervals in another time, to face a a different you.

Everything is interrelated, interdependent and contradictory. It is the irony that creates an habitat where we must adjust, to attain an equilibrium where we do not compromise.Irony is the true reality, Irony is what gives us fundamentals and then proves those very laws it created to be baseless. Even when we feel that one emotion or one skill dictates us there always exists a element, a single dot of what we think we don’t possess waiting to be used in the times of need. A reservoir to cushion yourself against. To change the very definition of who you think you are, how you interpret the world to begin on a clean slate and start afresh without destroying your soul.

Eveything we encounter, is a complete circle. Even when we feel we haven’t displaced, haven’t travelled miles, even when we feel we are not evolving the truth is, it’s this very circle that never keeps you in a box, that helps you to think outside a box.The circle that doesn’t allow you to fall down from the edge of the hemisphere but to begin again, when you think you’ve reached an end.A circle of stabilty.A circle of community, a circle of friends and the circle of time.

A dynamic balance of oppsoites is what you need to keep a system functioning.However, you need a turmoil of excesses to initiate a change and for events to unfold and then go back to their revised position of parity.The process we call change.Every peace has a brewing instabilty and it is that element of uncertainity that helps us to move forward instead of standing still ,a balance which helps creation . Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.
Nothing can exist in itself . To appreciate the beauty of the world, you must have a home and to feel the longing and safety of a house, you must have a world beyond it.A window to stand across and to admire the serenity of both the realms.
Both create a totality, a complete whole. You need an opposite to have epiphanies of your wrongs, helping you to examine your mistake or to even encourage you to not take your ideology for granted. So that you never become oblivious.One exists becasue of the other.

The Beach or the Mountains?

Simple questions most often torment me in the most complicated ways. A burden with consquential decision is often well understood, comprehended and realized.However when you think too deeply about the most simple questions, apart from being confusing, they are unnecessarily draining. To put to an end to the struggles of an habitual overthinker like me ,I finally answer an question that often perplexes me.

The sea or the mountains?

I still remember the most memorable vacation that I had with my family, on a new year’s Eve at an overcrowded beach with commercial messages and the expectation of exotic in everyone’s mind.

As I stood feeling contnently and quite unexpectedly estranged from a crowd of people ,my trousers not rolled up high enough. I could feel the sand shifting below my feet, making me feel as though I was being stilted forwards.The cool breeze full with the smell and hopes of a new start from across the globe flowing in my face pushing me backwards and the settings sun freezing the time.The water gently stroking and engulfing my feet before retreating back quickly, allowing me no time to understand it or behold it while composing my thoughts.

A moment not long enough to be certain, but not brief enough to discourage hope. In the midst of confusion of motion, time and the changing colors. I felt like I was on the brink of something vast and vague as the sea itself. I felt like I was being transported in another dimension full of uncertainty but possessing wondorous excitement of a naive child almost silly in his lack of depth. It felt like a daze so new that it tingled inside ,demanding permenace.

A peace due to the absence of comprehension and a lack of need for the same. A moment that would never be the same, if stirred or jolted back to reality.Carrying me to something dreadfully alluring. With the vast sky challenging me even when it was suppose to lay as a protective shield. The enormity ,so peculiar that it didn’t make you feel small. Even while magnifying, it made the beholder feel grand and visible in it’s luminous light, whitening textures for recurring seconds, and calmly violent winds.

That moment with no concept of spectrum or concrete is etched in my memory and gushed in urgently when I read Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ years later.Even in the difference of narratives, that stir of storm filled my soul until I finally closed the doors to that living entrance of a flowing, crashing and moving dream.

To me it was extraordinary and now that intangible always pulls me towards a sea.Towards all the longing to feel that dangerous chaos that rejuvenates.

My gravity

The only way to deafeat your issues,

Is to first and foremost comprehend your problems.

If you are a person like me, whose prime worry is not the potential to face or solve problems, but failing to recognize it, or even after venturing upon a realization, failing to remember it, then we must collectively stratergize to find a solution.

The issue we see here is not denial but a tendency to have to constantly remind yourself of the issues, occasionally paired with a devil may care attitude.

I don’t suppose that pain is a way of life, it is rather a turbulation which is bound to arise on a path constantly reconstructing itself.

To have large spells were you are oblivios that it is the gravity keeping you down, the only force preventing you to float up in those atmospheric rivers.

A phenomenon of becoming habituated with a current state that you completely dismiss the possibility of a change in your ceteris paribus.An inability to first and foremost fully understand the consequences, before accepting or tackling the conclusions which leads to frustration and accusations of inefficiency on our own selves.

We as legendary human race have a bizzare habit to inculcate irrational jealousies and my guilt would be not being able to live like people who not only realize problems, but embrace, accept, ingrain it in their existence as naturally and rhythmically as breathing ,that they become immune to it, not only fighting valinatly outside but being inwardly brave, content and inspiring.

It’s an epiphany when theoretically glorified ideals like trickle down effects can transcend into realities while some of us might hilariously end up feeling like a chaotic mess of the confusing, yet fascinating 21st century.

Defeat in joy

I don’t understand how things can be so simple and yet so complicated that instead of instilling in you awe, they just leave you feeling empty and bewildered. Helpless, because of your own frustration.

Why does everything brilliant, in it’s bright shine leave a flutter of defeat and resignation for such a split second that isn’t enough to ignore, nor enough to notice.
I have often approached life and circumstances with questions rather than answers. I have been unfocused, delusional but always keen on hearing answers, concrete and fundamental. It is partially because I know those answers will never be enough to last a lifetime. Like everything maginificent, they will liberate me for a short moment, before returning to oblivion, becoming inconsequential, replaced by some other temporary obsession.

They will stand the test of time for civilizations to come, they’ll be reborn, but they will fail the time of a singular man. A man who might never survive to see the life come to a full circle, if he refuses to acknowledge the truth with no displacement in the present.

Among many other simple questions of mine the question that always finds it’s way back to me is ,Why do I like to write?
Why do I like it even when I feel that all I am doing is inserting simple logic disguised in eloquent statements, being uplifted by some false sense of beauty or intellect. Most of the times, what I write about, what others write about are those same monotonous subjects, the same theories, the same story of vague ambiguous emotions, lessons which are so inconclusive , that they fail to serve any definite purpose. Even when being homogeneous they never truly integrate.

How every abstract idea that builds in my head is crushed due to the pressure of convention,only able to survive a raw form. After being snubbed as ridicule by none other than myself.
Why are we all so afraid of levitating in a different direction? Are we terrified that it will shake our foundations? If yes, then what difference does we truly make, how are we special if we never choose a new path because we don’t have enough trust in our faith and we have have reservations that our ideals will fail us. Not able to step across a treshold.When we don’t have courage to know our own useful life without calculating our depreciation.

I know tomorrow I will read this and excuse myself by saying maybe I had a bad day, maybe I was in a foul mood. I will think I have been a vain egoist by writing this, and if that is the case I’m glad I could admit it.
I will never go below the surface of what I might end up confessing, discovering or literally unearthing only if I chose to go deeper.
All this because I’m afraid to not only drown but also to admit that I am afraid.I am afraid that the oxygen of certainity will not reach my lungs and the pressure of time, knowledge and practises will make it impossible for my small frame and untrained mind to tread below.

I need the sunlight of sureity and reassurance, the freedom of the air that everyone breathes. The vast expanse of open skies, to admire from the ground. I need the reward of life, I need the approval of the only truths I’ve known.

In that deep treacherous corner I will admit as coldly as I started that I am afraid of dark ,I am afraid of that escape. Darkness has no source, it has no reference and I must turn to the reality that was built for me. Built by strangers , built by people I love. I might just be a creeper, who needs to cling for support to rise and grow. Maybe we all are viruses that just need a host to survive.


When you feel everything is swirling in your head. When you feel the wind press hard on your face. When you are in the tryst to give up your rest. Remember, just take a deep breath.

Inhale your life, feel the scents. Capture the enormous , swallow the strength. Absorb the energy ,let it seep in your veins. Let it reach your heart and supply your barins. Breathe the life, breathe the ways, breathe through purity, breathe through stress. Smell the exhaustion mixed with the smell of summer, smell the winds and sense the ocean, smell the emotions and see the life, smell the food and feel pure joy, smell the sweat to listen to dreams. Smell and dust as well as the fresh breeze.Smell to see, hear and feel. Take everything in because you were born for it, capture it ,because it sustains you. Breathe because that is what we all deserve,it is our the common logo through all the seggregation that we construct. It’s what me make that helps us be alive, it’s the air we share which senses the love we emit.

No matter where you are, no matter how you rest. The feel of the mountains, the buzzing of the streets. The vex of emotions, or the beginning of actualizations. What’s really consistent is the need to process. When finally the words fall short,when finally the objectives are gone. What remains is a breath, always there through the bittersweet endings, or the sighs of contentment.

We laugh and cry in vicious circles. We go through a range of emotions. We transverse through phases , we endure and embrace changes but what never changes is need to breathe. A deep breath to remain as well as feel alive.

It can be the Kirk breathing of exhaustions, the rhythmic breathing of peace, the fast breathing of nervousness, or the slow breathing of end, the temporary stop of fear or the race through happiness.

Breathe through the adolescent energy, breathe through the wrinkles that mesmerize your face. Breathe with the river flowing and flooding, breathe with the wind that flutters the leaves, breathe when the light feather slowly descends though the space. Try breathe when you’re starting to feel suffocated, breathe when you feel the current from another dimension. Breathe to be set free, breathe to commit yourself . Breathe with strangers and breathe with friends.

It’s funny how the most constant trait is a spectrum of variation and how the most calming feel is the most basic of sense.
Through all the religions through all the mediation. Through all your troubles , through all the instabilities. Inhale as well as exhale. Accept and let go.That’s all you need to do.

Just breathe