Nebraska Sky Disk

All you think of is your comfort and your despair In universal beauty your decadence you shareAmidst a circular rainbow crackles a fire A Nebraska Sky Disk in possession of a liarIt's easy to be omniscient when you've seen it all before Easier to die when you've lived through a plight no more Chaos is …

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Life is an oxymoron

Someone told me that people aren't Netflix movies, you can't fast-forward to the 'good parts' with them, so I'd be better if I could count my sheeps before checking out. And just like that it got me is an oxymoron!

Personal Interview For My Dream College

A nerve-wracking interview with the highest sakes. Filled with nervous excitement, a bid to impress and the pressure to not screw-up, I and my glorious interviewers came up with a brilliant solution. Poetry.