Men for feminism

I do understand that a lot of men do not hold a feminist in such an esteem as a number of females do.Most of us look upon the concept of feminism not with great interest, understanding and empathy but rather as a ridicule.

It would be unfair of me to ignore the need for women empowerment when thousands of females in my country are still thought to be happy only when they gain a good husband and secure an advantageous match.

In my short life I have come across many females who inspire me, my head bows with respect to them.Yet, it is difficult to ignore the fact that the opposite gender does not reckon an relatively inferior treatment of womens as an equally urgent matter. I’ve found very few men publicly, openly, and with pride speaking for their female counterpart in public or even with their fellow male friends. It is looked upon as a weakness or sense of shame if a man talks about feminism.

I’ve grown up in a country where the ideas of masculinity are still fairly outdated, where saying this woman is the man of the house is a huge compliment while it is never the other way round for men, being compared to females even in the most distant sense is no less than an humiliation, assuming feminine role is a matter of insult for the alpha males who preach their concepts.

It is rather biased when the beauty of females secures more weightage than her wit, where in order to be heroes females must be successful business persons and not just homemakers. Gender equality will emerge when you accept a man who is sensitive, might be scared of insects and can speak freely when he likes shows like ‘Real Housewives’.The entire idea of interests shouldn’t be made to circle around gender roles.

We all ought to fight our own battles, but the fact that you are not alone is a great motivator. The fact that the people you aim to give the message, understand it and show their support is real progress.

Empathy is one of the most difficult aspects to develop in one’s personality. Real bravery lies in understanding the problems which are not your own.It lies in standing up with someone and for someone selflessly, to solve someone else’s problem forgetting your own. To rise above the basic human nature of self-interest and self-preservation.To give up your own privileges to provide someone else a fair chance.

I have always believed that for a race to be fair everyone must have a same starting line.So let’s give everyone the same start, opportunities, and recognition that they deserve. Let’s act as partners that bring out the best in each other rather than being competitors constantly bringing one another down.

9 thoughts on “Men for feminism

    1. Exactly! Like I said we must treat each others as equally deserving partners instead of trying to gain superiority. Both the genders must recognize the problems of other and stand by each other.

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