Nebraska Sky Disk

All you think of is your comfort and your despair
In universal beauty your decadence you share
Amidst a circular rainbow crackles a fire
A Nebraska Sky Disk in possession of a liar

It’s easy to be omniscient when you’ve seen it all before
Easier to die when you’ve lived through a plight no more
Chaos is freedom with no meaning
A dreamlike encounter with no weaning
A leisurely meeting with an exhausted smile
Let’s dally again when there’s no horizon in time

Today I shall endure a bolt of inspiration beyond description
Tomorrow we’ll suffer a destination addiction
The endless stars a sequin shawl
Warming you against a mountain with astronomical fall

The Nebra Sky Disk is one of the most fascinating, and some would say controversial, archaeological finds of recent years. Dated to 1600 BCE, this bronze disk has a diameter of 32cm (about the size of a vinyl LP) and weighs around 2 kg.

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