If HD189733b was a tapestry

63 light years away from us is the dramatic HD189733b. With it’s deep azure hue crossing the face of the star. Even when it scatters blue light from it’s glass rain that are several thousand kilometres per hour, this gas giant orbits it’s delicate host.This bizzare exoplanet which is leagues away from you bears a striking resemblance to our nurturing earth you know so intimately.

HD 189733b (footage by NASA)

The sideways onslaught of the raining glass and the scorching temperature of a thousand degrees makes this a delicate needlework in a tight knit scene. Beauty and tension. The dream of a tapestry artist from the 12th century and the nightmare of an unacquainted soul.

‘Bird and Flower’ a silk tapestry by Zhu Kerou. You can see the magpie sitting on a peony branch gazing at an insect.

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