If HD189733b was a tapestry

63 light years away from us is the dramatic HD189733b. With it's deep azure hue crossing the face of the star. Even when it scatters blue light from it's glass rain that are several thousand kilometres per hour, this gas giant orbits it's delicate host.This bizzare exoplanet which is leagues away from you bears a …

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Life is an oxymoron

Someone told me that people aren't Netflix movies, you can't fast-forward to the 'good parts' with them, so I'd be better if I could count my sheeps before checking out. And just like that it got me thinking...life is an oxymoron!

Are you late?

Things around us are rapidly transforming and I confess I'm a little late....are you?

Letters of Love in the Time of Corona

Letters from strangers to strangers.

Night View of Saruwaka-machi

Did the government's plan backfire?

The Beach or the Mountains?

Simple questions most often torment me in the most complicated ways. A burden with consequential decision is often well understood, comprehended and realized.However when you think too deeply about the most simple questions, apart from being confusing, they are unnecessarily draining. To put to an end to the struggles of an habitual overthinker like me …

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Let’s share a secret

The foundation of every fulfilling relationship is the existence of honesty and a very efficient way to exhibit my honesty is to share a secret, with everyone who has beared me until now. The idea of being famous is always an contagious one, just like following your passions and drives.It never is an easy path, …

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