Life is an oxymoron

It’s been a long while but I remember feeling that I never enjoy anything. Through whatever that’s happening to me or wherever or whoever I might be with, I recall this sensation that all I’m trying to do is wait for whatever’s next. If it’s bad surely it’ll be good someday, oh it’s good, it can definetely get better, is it better already? How about we wait for great! Sure, waiting anxiously is not a sin but inspite of the million things I might hate about being an adult,Β  knowing how to let go and walk away at the right moment from certain things is not one of them.

But isn’t everyone like that? Waiting for the next best thing thing to happen. Too busy rushing through life to truly enjoy a moment. We all want to get on with whatever it is that we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. And everything in between only seems like that quick breakfast and shower that you must take before actually heading to work. And yet there are these moments of brilliant clarity; where it dawns upon you, ” Wait, this is it, this is my life happening.So I’d better slow down, watch, take it in and try my best to enjoy it all the way to the end.” It might sound existential and terribly bleak but we’re all fleeting and whatever you have right here, right now, is what it is. So your fleeting self should better make the best of it’s fleeting moments.

We get bored of people and let’s be honest, we even get bored of ourselves.Yet ‘all this’, is not an amusing movie, it’s serious business, a thriller at it’s best. If you’ll fast forward through this you’ll just be out of context and even with all the context it’s still like a Christopher Nolan movie with no re-watch permitted.

So in a way with all this waiting for the next best thing and fast forwarding not only are we being incredibly patient but also equally impatient at the same time. There’s nothing you and me can do about it except getting our act together because life is and will be an oxymoron.Β

26 thoughts on “Life is an oxymoron

  1. I tend to agree with you about life! I have been around for some time now and as far as I can determine most of us are a little crazy. At least we are un-hinged or we could not go through our long lives without doing harm to ourselves or someone else. But it is an interesting journey and one I am having wondering all the time how we have advance out of the caves.

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  2. I totally felt all that. And you put it so well. That fast forwarding into the future will just put you out of context. And yes you have those sudden moments of clarity when you enter the moment and realise your life is happening and it’s all so fleeting. Totally relate, I’ve had those moments too 😊

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  3. So lucidly written and profound. I’m touched by the depth of your words; and your Comments Section bears witness to how relatable this post is… just FABULOUS! ✨

    Moreover, I love your blog description and how it encourages one to cherish the human experience in all its mortal glory- “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

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  4. So true. When I hit 30 I finally realized this was my life and I needed to re-evaluate. With age has come more clarity. I now embrace and enjoy each day just as I’m enjoying your essay right now.
    Thank you for the honour of choosing to follow my blog. You are certainly worth following as well, so please keep thinking and writing. Cheers, Muriel

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    1. Thank you for enjoying the essay Muriel and you’re too sweet it is my pleasure to follow your blog. It is fun, opinionated, honest and personal. Thanks for following and commenting, I love hearing from you.


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