If HD189733b was a tapestry

63 light years away from us is the dramatic HD189733b. With it's deep azure hue crossing the face of the star. Even when it scatters blue light from it's glass rain that are several thousand kilometres per hour, this gas giant orbits it's delicate host.This bizzare exoplanet which is leagues away from you bears a …

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Nebraska Sky Disk

All you think of is your comfort and your despair In universal beauty your decadence you shareAmidst a circular rainbow crackles a fire A Nebraska Sky Disk in possession of a liarIt's easy to be omniscient when you've seen it all before Easier to die when you've lived through a plight no more Chaos is …

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Life is an oxymoron

Someone told me that people aren't Netflix movies, you can't fast-forward to the 'good parts' with them, so I'd be better if I could count my sheeps before checking out. And just like that it got me thinking...life is an oxymoron!

Personal Interview For My Dream College

A nerve-wracking interview with the highest sakes. Filled with nervous excitement, a bid to impress and the pressure to not screw-up, I and my glorious interviewers came up with a brilliant solution. Poetry.

Are you late?

Things around us are rapidly transforming and I confess I'm a little late....are you?

The Imperial Empress

The imperial empress penned poems on sliding doorsThe gulf of grief that refused to swallow herNow let the stream of life sweep her onStealing the glamour from all impending dusks and dawns On a quest for her spent soul in a crumbling palace of jadeResisting the urges for picturesque scenarios to fadeTreading in the royal …

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Letters of Love in the Time of Corona

Letters from strangers to strangers.

Night View of Saruwaka-machi

Did the government's plan backfire?

One-liner Wednesday-Lottery

Finding loose change in the pockets as I do my laundry; is my closest experience to winning a lottery. To participate in one-liner Wednesday check out Linda's blog.

Shipwreck In The Sky

Flying over the no time zone Floating over altitudes high Swarmed by the endless clouds I see the shipwrecks in the sky