Life is an oxymoron

Someone told me that people aren't Netflix movies, you can't fast-forward to the 'good parts' with them, so I'd be better if I could count my sheeps before checking out. And just like that it got me is an oxymoron!

The Imperial Empress

The imperial empress penned poems on sliding doorsThe gulf of grief that refused to swallow herNow let the stream of life sweep her onStealing the glamour from all impending dusks and dawns On a quest for her spent soul in a crumbling palace of jadeResisting the urges for picturesque scenarios to fadeTreading in the royal …

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Night View of Saruwaka-machi

Did the government's plan backfire?

Shipwreck In The Sky

Flying over the no time zone Floating over altitudes high Swarmed by the endless clouds I see the shipwrecks in the sky

Letters at Dusk

I don't know the genres of musicBut I hear the untouched dew drops fallMaybe I even hear your fate giving a distant callIf you can't desert a referenceCall it a love harsher than indifference If all you remember is painThen you were destined to partBut if the rippling rain on the lake makes you insaneThen …

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We have crown shyness

I remember you once kissed me on tiptoeMaybe that's the reason you couldn't stand firm and had to let goWe were the same species fully grownExhibitng our crown shyness that kept us alone Now our spectacular display of coloursComes from our internal cracksLike magnificent feldspar mineralsWithout the literal facts We no longer make up more …

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The Beach or the Mountains?

Simple questions most often torment me in the most complicated ways. A burden with consequential decision is often well understood, comprehended and realized.However when you think too deeply about the most simple questions, apart from being confusing, they are unnecessarily draining. To put to an end to the struggles of an habitual overthinker like me …

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Songs of silence

We human beings constantly seek company especially, at those places and instances where the lack of one makes us seem vulnerable, feel weak and makes us more susceptible to injuries. We seek company when we fear we might be left alone, isolated in a world where community is essential to survive. The luxury of company …

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Let’s share a secret

The foundation of every fulfilling relationship is the existence of honesty and a very efficient way to exhibit my honesty is to share a secret, with everyone who has beared me until now. The idea of being famous is always an contagious one, just like following your passions and drives.It never is an easy path, …

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