Personal Interview For My Dream College

When you think about an interview with a college where you really want to get in,you always imagine an nerve-wracking event of paramount importance. A high-stakes situation you wouldn’t miss for the world, but would also love to avoid altogether. So imagine my surprise when this was a smooth sailing and pleasant conversation with the interviewers, one that I wouldn’t mind repeating (surely, after cutting of the element of uncertainty). During this event of the year,  I was told to submit a poem within a few hours about my future self who’s got in this college, has a lovely life,  wonderful friends and brilliant opportunities and is now sitting down to write a poem about her reminiscing. And this was after confessing that I’m inclined towards poetry. Hence, I present to you the masterpiece of nervous excitement,a drive to impress and my honest musings. Let me know what you think?

The year’s 2027
And I wonder where the time has fled
As I write my ladylike missives
On my delicate little writing desk

Thinking about the past five years
Is reminiscing a brilliant sun in another galaxy
The future a furnace full of fears
All reasoning a mere fallacy

The struggles are almost a passing picturesque landscape
From the windows of this moving coach called future
Where a global pandemic has an escape
And you aren’t just a sore loser

Those five years ago are anything but gone
A déjà vu every now and then you shall stumble upon
Eudaimonia was your special insistence
That said forwards and backwards shall always be the same distance

They say reflection reveals glory
Dear me your life was an entangled story
This present is a cocktail mixed to perfection
Not success but the people and passion are your happy recollection

There were moments where the world was quiet
Luxuriating in the college campus you were munching a bite
When you foresaw this tranquil night
Rest assured you were quite right

Living diligently was not just a trend
Hours washed in rose and tangerine lights were not a dead end
You ran as fast as your lungs could hold
And now you’ve earned a jade museum to behold

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