Look out of your window

Follow every light and ponder over every sound as you gaze out of the window today, trace back the source of these factors that emerge over your window in no orderly fashion. While you go through this exhausting task, you will come to the epiphany that there are countless sources of light and countless sources of sound that you cannot account for. They are right in front of you within what I proudly call window radius; and yet you only have the vaguest idea of where they come from.

Your range of uncertainty here might seem very local, but think back, this limited field of vision which you do happen to see and encounter everyday can itself have so many elements of mystique so why would you expect the world and all that it stands for to be self-explanatory. When your local limited vision in itself isn’t flawless why would you imagine the macro view to be devoid of errors. We all are prone to vague ideas, generalizations and wild guesses no matter how thoroughly prepared we are. Instincts are truly a superpower, to provide you with balance in a globe that is whirling rapidly with abstract questions and a constant struggle with philosophy.

Accept that there may be things in and around you that you are not instantly suppose to be an expert on, these things,they will baffle you, disorient you, make you doubt your standing, you won’t understand their motive, origin or their very existence. Yet, just because you can’t explain it; doesn’t mean there is nothing to explain.

There are things suspended in the space, with their own energy, their own life and their own conclusion. A lot of the mysteries of life lie concealed within the towering forms of everyday life, in the unconscious tasks performed with a monotone that we never question, like a tall skyscraper obstructing the view of the clear sky with stars. The skyscraper may lie there in all its glory reflecting the height of human achievement, giving us an epitome, a standard of where we must strive to be but is it really a pinnacle? The sky is the ultimate level of achievement. The horizon with no form, how different is that from the structure with defined form and design, one floating with no form and another having solidarity in its shape. The two very different realms, preaching a message though fundamental but contradictory in nature.

Irony and paradoxes are inevitable in nature, they are the very definition of reality. However, you must now come back to your window and again look over the ledge. This anxiety of the source of light or sound does not have to be eternal. Sit back in the same spot each day, look out of the same window and slowly with time and observation, you will be able to trace the same light. The best equipment for uncertainty is acceptance, patience and devotion of time and not the writing off of problems that you cannot solve.

The writing off of issues, the ignorance and non confrontation with struggles only makes them more deeply rooted and inbuilt in nature taking up the space which should have been rightfully acquired by knowledge. Use all your five senses and believe then you will unravel the sound and master the lights. Untangle the knots slowly and finally the rope will achieve its full length, allowing it to be utilized to its maximum and to it’s best.

Don’t just have an eye for apartment and buildings with easy lights and predictable sounds, chase the speck of violet, don’t just hear the buzz of mechanics or rhythm of speech but hear the rumble of oblivion. Look out for the clear,vast and cosmic sky.

Look differently tomorrow and tell me what you see.

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