Yin and Yang

Since I can’t refrain myself from saying something silly this post was inspired by my love for Kung Fu Panda.

The Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang is the easiest answer to all that exists around us, within us and beyond us. It’s a fundamental that holds true in a world which we are constantly trying to oversimplify or overcomplicate.

You don’t want to achieve heaven unless you’ve lived on earth; and you can’t utilize your mind to its best without letting your body sustain its health. Even though the light may initially startle you when step out of darkness , that’s when you’ll embrace the light and also learn to not be afraid of the dark. Each side has at its core an element of the other (represented by the small dots) and maybe that’s the reason the greatest achievement we have as a human race is the virtue of empathy.The ability to understand others because deep down within us we have that very same element that they call their own.

Balance is something which is not ultimate , it is what you constantly seek. You are never truly in a state of balance but the idea is to overcome the distance and breathe the same air. To accomplish that you must undergo the variopus phases of ups and downs, light and dark , and peace and turmoil . You must never give up and succumb to a force , when you can create an energy emnating from yourself.Do not let anything take a hold over you, only because it’s the easy way out.Even when the difficult path may make you live the journey of Sisyphus driving a rock uphill only to see it falling back downhill for eternity.Nothing in this universe is truly eternal, all elements cease to exist at lengths only to resurface at temporray intervals in another time, to face a a different you.

Everything is interrelated, interdependent and contradictory. It is the irony that creates an habitat where we must adjust, to attain an equilibrium where we do not compromise.Irony is the true reality, Irony is what gives us fundamentals and then proves those very laws it created to be baseless. Even when we feel that one emotion or one skill dictates us there always exists a element, a single dot of what we think we don’t possess waiting to be used in the times of need. A reservoir to cushion yourself against. To change the very definition of who you think you are, how you interpret the world to begin on a clean slate and start afresh without destroying your soul.

Everything we encounter, is a complete circle. Even when we feel we haven’t displaced, haven’t travelled miles, even when we feel we are not evolving the truth is, it’s this very circle that never keeps you in a box, that helps you to think outside a box.The circle that doesn’t allow you to fall down from the edge of the hemisphere but to begin again, when you think you’ve reached an end.A circle of stabilty.A circle of community, a circle of friends and the circle of time.

A dynamic balance of opposites is what you need to keep a system functioning.However, you need a turmoil of excesses to initiate a change and for events to unfold and then go back to their revised position of parity.The process we call change.Every peace has a brewing instability and it is that element of uncertainty that helps us to move forward instead of standing still ,a balance which helps creation . Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other; they are never separate.
Nothing can exist in itself . To appreciate the beauty of the world, you must have a home and to feel the longing and safety of a house, you must have a world beyond it.A window to stand across and to admire the serenity of both the realms.
Both create a totality, a complete whole. You need an opposite to have epiphanies of your wrongs, helping you to examine your mistake or to even encourage you to not take your ideology for granted. So that you never become oblivious.One exists because of the other.

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