To All The Photographer Bloggers


Ansel Adams once said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Photography is the art that encapsulates imaginations, memories, desires and feelings. The curious skill of capturing the intangible in the visible which is often more complicated than the inner and the purely abstract. A photographer is a skilled inventor who must always strike the most intricate balance between the scientific and the empirical. He or she has to always exercise their methods, practices and customs without absolutely giving in to the serene, being a part of that beauty that they store. Creating and emulating it for the beholders of the photograph, while being the spirit of their own work.

Photographers are the amalgamation of wit, courage and knowledge. They observe and stand true to their values even when being enamored by beauty or swept by horrors and fascinations and even when they assign their individuality they are always respectful and in awe of their subjects, filled with empathy and devotion making their subjects trust them and welcome them in their own hemisphere. They don’t just see, they act and they don’t just experience they share. They produce results of the impossible and records of the oblivion. They don’t capture a moment, they set it free.

They let the moment float in the current of time with its own motion; defying the stream that the convention creates for them, they render eternity and consistency in a realm of corruption and distortions. They freeze the motion, while making the resolutions stir. A snap has a power to relax all anxieties and troubles, it can make you travel back in time and it can make you forget your insistent reality that craves attention. It can remind you of who you were, who you are and who you ought to be. It creates new paths while travelling the existing routes.

The lenses can often see what the visions might miss blurred by emotions, preoccupations, habits, prejudices or adaptations. It can make the overwhelming life, reality and expectations simple to us. It never goes in vain and is always fueled by a purpose even in the candid takes and the ideal flashes. It is a paradox in perfect harmony. It can build and re-shape, it can change and influence.

A picture is a wonderful reality; it can remain unaltered for eternity even in its deterioration; preserving its neutrality and vision while being prone to and allowing the right to interpretation; or it can grow, change and evolve in its perfect condition with your own growth and change in perspective with a transfiguration of the negative connotations to the positive and the puzzling mysteries to clear realities in pace with the civilizations itself. It can take you to unfamiliar places with a whiff of familiarity or the make the familiar places new and undiscovered.

Photographers often capture more than just nascent beauty they capture intellect, ideologies, faiths, moods and beliefs. It is the expression of passions that they present which ranges from strange to funny, scary to adorable and kind to romantic yet, what does not change is that these instruments known as photographs have an immense power over the soul and the senses. Every picture is an experience and journey to the senses through the soul, and to the soul through the senses. Every picture reveals more than it conceals and conceals more than it reveals. They travel between the past and the future with the medium of the present.

Photographers create hope, present realities, stimulate actions and illuminate possibilities they make us stand up for a cause, they make us imagine our opportunities and teach us to be content and equipped with ambitions. They are the strangers who share the strongest bond with us or those immensely close while remaining strangers. They are the ones who offer us the albums of mankind and the memoirs of nature. We must thank them because as Berenice Abbott puts it, “Photography helps people to see.”

19 thoughts on “To All The Photographer Bloggers

  1. Thanks KANJIKA, for the reply and for following. I definitely like your take on things and in my opinion you have a really good post here. Of course I love Ansel Adams and, like your quote, I totally believe that you don’t take a photograph, you make it. I rarely, if ever, just snap and post. There is always a ton of post processing involved…and right or wrong, that’s the way I like it. I’ll keep checking in…keep up the good work. ~ Dave

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  2. All of the stuff written in your post are quite reasonable. A fellow photographer said to me “You see the photo where I look for the photo”
    Many people can be at the same place at the same time and each capture their own meaning in a photo.
    As a predominately nature photographer (it feels funny to use that word) I also see the art within nature so that gives a different perspective to what I capture.

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  3. Excellent post. I sometimes get unsolicited advice as to how I should have taken the photo. When I point out what I was going for or what I saw, I get either shrugs or understanding. Many people blame the camera for their bad shots. Cameras do not take photos, photographers take photos and a good photographer can capture a great photo with a bad camera. As I travel or walk, I admire the big picture of the vistas, but sometimes, the vistas mean nothing without the little detail shots that accompany them. Allan

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  4. Excellent post . As I have read before, I totally agree with the opinion that the camera doesn´t make the photographer. It´s true that with a good photographic equipment, your possibilities are bigger but to capture a moment, in order to transmit what you want, it is not necessary; it’s just about reaching the person who is seeing that image and who produces feelings. Congratulations. .- Andrés

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  5. Ju The Dodo

    This is such a beautiful post. Your opinions are clear; and your words about photographers are interesting. I agree about the fact that a lot goes behind each picture; and that a photographer does not capture a moment, but sets it free.

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  6. Absolutely beautiful post, what a wonderful read in time when things are so uncertain. It brought me back to times when I get to roam/travel about with my camera! Thank you for the generous comment on my blog as well!

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