Songs of silence

We human beings constantly seek company especially, at those places and instances where the lack of one makes us seem vulnerable, feel weak and makes us more susceptible to injuries. We seek company when we fear we might be left alone, isolated in a world where community is essential to survive. The luxury of company can be enjoyable but exhausting at the very same time when the constant aim is to fit in, be accepted, and perceived with a general likeability.

Silence can be an extremely scary concept in this world, since it is accompanied by uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and incomprehension. We the people, are constantly in search of answers, we are forever on a rail of thoughts of processing, analysing and understanding our surroundings and circumstances. We read faces, we observe others, we conceal the truths with assured lies. However, it is silence which gives away nothing, which does not fill the gaps and derails the normal process of thoughts. Silence is indifferent, it leaves you with nothing but an awareness of oneself.

It exposes you to either the insignificance of your existence, or the magnanimity of your life. It provides no judgements but leaves you with a bare terrifying truth in that moment. It makes you an invisible, who is intensely aware and extremely impressionable. It leaves you with a burden yet makes you feel inconsequent. It lifts your sense of purpose and allows you to just feel your own company. It permits you to notice yourself freely with no judgements attached, makes you wild and unruly only granting a temporary freedom of innumerable chains that hold you back.

The petrifying unpredictability of silence makes it intriguing; as it catches you off-guard yet, never exploits your weakness. The strange thing about silence is, you come across it multiple number of times even then it always seems to be forged fresh. Silence is a comforting fear, not to be too indulgent of but never to be ignored. A story best left untold.

Silence speaks when words can’t.


11 thoughts on “Songs of silence

  1. Very beautifully written! Add on to what you said above..
    The longing for companionship also comes from desire to share a happy moment with another person. Assume that you are in the beautiful location and alone, soon you will think about someone whom you should have been with you to really enjoy that. So you need someone by you to really enjoy the happiness not always for security.
    As far as the silence is concerned, I think silence is pretty good weapon when used at right moment. It can make people ponder over better as well as totally destroy your opponent. But it has to be used once in while to make it more powerful.. 🙂 Totally agree with you words “Silence speaks when words can’t.”

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    1. Thanks alot. Couldn’t agree more to what have you said. Thanks for taking out time to read the post.Keep coming and please follow if you like the blog.Looking forward to more of your suggestions to work on.

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