Day 16: Slow

There was a lonely window in the snow
The rustling trees whispered there as the winds blew
Shadows lingered long after when figures were gone
I wanted to know what was going on?

I asked everyone where that window lay
Some said north, some said south
Some said east and some said west

I knew I would find it in good time or bad
So I slept on the cold ground hardly sad
A slap of cold rain woke me from my uneasy sleep
My impatience was like an ancient river wide and deep

The sun sent out long yellow beams
Between the cracks and fissures of clouds when seen
My sweat evaporated in steams
Where had that forsaken window been?

I filled my hands with light
As a cup is filled with water
I hadn’t been to sleep last night
The world was starting to falter

Slowly someone emerged from the mists onto the shore
It was then I knew I had been here before
I stared at the window I might never know
Suddenly I saw myself in there and fear seized me before I could go

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