Day 14: Book

We sat together side by side
Awkwardly stealing glances
And hiding scintillating blushes

We seemed to be mad to those who beheld
Us waiting at the station for hours that stretched
Until we were late and still not quelled
Sitting for no train  just thoughts to fetch

We walked together time after time
And sometimes you were far ahead
I called to you but  couldn’t shout
I feared the embarassment and dread the doubt
I thought you didn’t hear me
But you turned back with a smile
You slowed down the ride
From swift flows to sublte strides

You taught me
You wounded me
You gave me happiness
And you even made me die
You made me live so many lives
In a single lifetime

I embraced you as I slept
Woke with you by breaking dawn
You were a terrrific book
Wrapped under my slender arms

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