Light At The End Of the Tunnel

The similar stars that twinkle above,
The lush green terrain that stretches beneath.
A void that reminds of something belove,
Familiar colors that eventually sheath.

Those callous breaths that we all hold,
With a grip of heated selflessness.
An illusion we’re all told ,
Amidst the clarity of a sea reckless.

Don’t let the lights blend all in one,
Let the eyes strain with each new sight.
Touch the shades with fingertips come make it an obscure white,
Beat on ceaselessly even when the past must alight.

There’s a tunnel down the road,
Where boulders and burdens are sold.
Shove it with all your strength,
Yet it will budge with only your wit and pretence.

You’ll come across a boisterous storm,
In the end you’ll reach a new world, a new norm.
Maybe you swarmed through age, region, destiny and right,
But you still share the same sky that was ever so bright.

12 thoughts on “Light At The End Of the Tunnel

  1. The sky shines the brightest because we just exited the tunnel. It was the same before, it’s the just the experience that changed our perception. Just like the other things, they’re the same to everyone but how they see differs with experience.
    Nice post.

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