Day 3: Song

A time travelling machine
With tunes that haunt time
Lingering in the minds to wander and yearn
With a spirit that never dies for the magic to be born

Feel it in fear with trembling limbs
Feel it in joy with shaking hips
Feel it in nervousness with quivering lips

Food for the soul
That is humming notes unknown
While forgetting the rhythms once well-known

A painting with scribbled forms
A story with forgotten norms

The dreamiest reality yet a dream too real
Inspired by the nature to be an inspiration for it
The wisest insanity yet the sanest madness
It can make you feelΒ  the pain or heal you from it
Because life is like a song and that song is life itself

10 thoughts on “Day 3: Song

    1. It’s the song we’ll all be humming thinking it’s etched in our mind and yet whenever someone asks what’s that beautiful it will never cross our minds. A song that fails memory and yet always resides there.

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