31 Days of October

While I may have been on an hiatus in October, there’s someone who certainly hasn’t been on one. Producing 31 paintings for the 31 days of October, she made the month eventful, enchanting and meaningful. Even though she’s one of my best friends, you will surely not call me biased after you’ve seen her works.

Her artworks for ‘Oiltober’ are now on sale onΒ  her website http://www.theartcart.in/, so go ahead and show your love and support, and if like me you have no talent in art but love to idle away by looking at works of those who do, be sure to visit her Instagram page @theartjourney222.

In a sky full of passion
Thinking of their own comfort
The sloppy waves leapt in their fashion
In a vigor with drops of compassion

In those waters I saw
A canoe heading towards the sky
Filled with blossoms that catch the eye

The blossoms were from a meadow that now laid waste
Yet, this dreamlike encounter was consciousness in a refined state

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