Letters at Dusk

I don’t know the genres of music
But I hear the untouched dew drops fall
Maybe I even hear your fate giving a distant call
If you can’t desert a reference
Call it a love harsher than indifference

If all you remember is pain
Then you were destined to part
But if the rippling rain on the lake makes you insane
Then you gave the hibiscus by the stream your heart

Don’t give me letters with words that prove your skill
Those composed in the moments of purpose driven will
Give me the letters that were written at dusk
Letters of resentment in the moments of lusk

This instant is like a trampled petal
Rising and fluttering again
Leaving a faint fragnance
Of freshness mingled with decay
In a dense wind that floats without going astray

23 thoughts on “Letters at Dusk

  1. Hello Kanjika… I ain’t just praising you.. but i wanted to let you know how beautiful your poems are.. scratch that… they aren’t just poems..
    this is the first time i am visiting your blog.. but this is certainly not the last!
    beautiful and an elegant blog!
    keep writing!!

    Liked by 2 people

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