Icicles of moonlight

Melting icicles of the moonlight
Dripping veils of silken threads
Drop sheets of perals on beds
Fearful of the sleepy heads

Under the shadow of a lonely sky
Laughing at old grief as nights go by
Trying to see the end of the chasm
Too deep to behold the bottom
Too profound to be forgotten

The moon escaped from the pursuing clouds
That are vague but persistent to become it’s shroud
You can protect my values but my values can’t protect you
You are so close to my centre that I overlook what you do

It’s for the best even when it doesn’t seem right
The human life is solitary but not isloated even in plight

So hear the rumblings of thunder
But see no hint of rain
Landsacpes like some wounds
Transcend the concepts of pain

22 thoughts on “Icicles of moonlight

    1. Thank you Ali, this means alot to me and I’m overwhelmed. I will try my best to keep writing poems that you enjoy reading. Thank you again for such a lovely and kind comment, you made my day.

      Liked by 1 person

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