Edge of a sleep

On the edge of a sleep
Where nightmares lurk
You recite routes with eyes deep shut
Despair delayed makes up for hope not seen
It’s too early to ask you how have you been

Sadly you can’t spy on yourself
Your truths lie prominently on an ornamental shelf
However ugly or out of form
Tastes were always subject to scorn or reform

The fate is in rehabilitation if not recovery
The forward motion is also seldom unnecessary
My pure admirations are incantations
Especially when my good feelings are your unwelcome sensations

It is not a dream because you’re not yet awake
Promises unmade can hardly ever break

6 thoughts on “Edge of a sleep

    1. Thank you and I do agree with your post completely thank you for sharing what almost all of us feel. I loved your recommendations in your post Books in the time of Coronavirus. Especially, La Peste by Albert Camus which is one of my favourite books. Although to be fair I’ve always been biased towards Camus ever since I read ‘The Stranger’.


      1. Thank you, and pleased you enjoyed the Covid-related post. I really must reread the Camus, and of course L’Étranger too, which I think I may have studied in French when I was at school. Trust you’re keeping well and are able to stay safe in these abnormal times.

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