Day 26: Hidden

Nothing is hidden to the eyes
Everything lies clear in the skies

The moon and the sun are still the one
That were there when the world had just begun
They still have those stories and mysteries
They simply refuse to share those histories

They’ve seen alot and heard much
Still they haven’t felt enough to budge
To come to me and confess
Of the past, present and the in between guess

I wonder why they don’t use the sound of lips
Vouching for riddles in an enigmatic eclipse

I suppose they’re not trying to hide
They just want to be left unconcerned
And yet control the tides

27 thoughts on “Day 26: Hidden

    1. Thank you! When Goddess Durga was young she was called, ‘Kanjika’. It so happens that it also means sour rice water made to stand over night which can be used as an ayurvedic treatment in bengali language.

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      1. True! Actually I’ve always been curious since my name is Kanjika and my nick name is Kanji I’ve always waned to ask a Japanese person what meaning would my name have in their language and if it does mean something in Japanese.

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  1. I had come across your blog through April’s Discover Prompts. Have been enjoying all your posts as well. I have also nominated your blog for an award. Please check out my blog post for further details. I hope you accept the award because I want to see your responses to my questions 😊

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  2. Beautiful poem.. 😊😊
    Thank you Madam for finding my blog and visiting it.. 😊
    Look forward to reading your blog posts alongwith your views, suggestions or comments on my posts and hope to learn more..!!
    Stay connected..

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      1. You are welcome Madam and thank you back.. 😊😊 Look forward to your expert comments or suggestions as well.. Hope to learn more myself.. You too stay safe and connected..!!

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    1. Thanks you Wyclif I’m glad you liked it and I hope I’m able to write poems you’ll enjoy in the future too. Once again, thank you for reading and your kind compliment.


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