Day 11: Bite

I’m reality and I’m lonely
I’ve never felt needed
Everyone just wants to own me

They don’t accept me the way I am
They tell me to change and I know I can’t
Now it all seems like a cold sham for they can’t even see who I truly am

Some told me to dress pretty
But I’m not a trophy to be paraded
Some blamed me for their troubles
But I’m worth more than just being berated

I have my own plans and you’re not ready to commit
You have to make efforts you must admit
If we’re together we’ll have our ups and downs
There will be plenty of smiles and frowns

You don’t own me and I don’t own you
So come let’s help each other grow
To become the best version of ourselves
To compromise but not to settle for less itself

I hope I make myself abundantly clear
So forget about our fight
Let’s go and grab a bite

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