Day 8: Curve

You were walking straight ahead
When you hit a curve
The dim lights lit up
And you wanted to swerve

But the winding paths ahead turned to sand
And you were suspended by the land
With endless heavens deep below you
Lay a bottomless abyss that your senses couldn’t see through

You could hear the lecherous leaping waves
Listen to the seagulls screeching for mates
But in that icy cold waste you saw none of the sounds only a ceaseless wait

Hanging by the plains under your feet
The shaken sky jumps with each thunder set afleet
You can taste your sweat as it burns
No place to go, nowhere to turn

Stitched in between these horizons are you
With sore limbs you’re dreaming of water blemishing blue
Closing your bloodshot eyes with a painful sneer you say, “This curve has quite a view.”

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