Deserted Streets

Streets and lanes, the epicenter of excitement and heat and heart of travel. You can know all you want to know about a place by simply strolling through it’s streets and lingering in it’s lanes. This is the destination where you are bound to find patterns if not conclusions. Most of the best relevations happen on streets and if you asky why, it’s simply because you cannot escape them. In a short frame of time you must relish a scenic view or adore a monument without stopping in your tracks; as halting here means stagnation of progress. Keep moving forward in close proximity with people and motor,in a disorderly manner and proportion, keep getting distracted but reach the end of your lane. Everything here is a canvas of fleeting forms and also a foundation build over countless years. It’s always about the dingy lanes, cobblestone streets and bustling bazaars.

Today these streets stand deserted but surprisingly, it’s not a symbol of doom and despair but one of pride and maturity. We can give up on our beloved streets to preserve them, because love is not about holding tight but letting go. The streets are about it’s people and the people live for their streets.

15 thoughts on “Deserted Streets

    1. I’m glad they bring back the good memories and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of good and fun trips after we have sailed through this pandemic until then stay safe and positive.


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