My gravity

The only way to deafeat your issues,

Is to first and foremost comprehend your problems.

If you are a person like me, whose prime worry is not the potential to face or solve problems, but failing to recognize it, or even after venturing upon a realization, failing to remember it, then we must collectively stratergize to find a solution.

The issue we see here is not denial but a tendency to have to constantly remind yourself of the issues, occasionally paired with a devil may care attitude.

I don’t suppose that pain is a way of life, it is rather a turbulation which is bound to arise on a path constantly reconstructing itself.

To have large spells were you are oblivios that it is the gravity keeping you down, the only force preventing you to float up in those atmospheric rivers.

A phenomenon of becoming habituated with a current state that you completely dismiss the possibility of a change in your ceteris paribus.An inability to first and foremost fully understand the consequences, before accepting or tackling the conclusions which leads to frustration and accusations of inefficiency on our own selves.

We as legendary human race have a bizzare habit to inculcate irrational jealousies and my guilt would be not being able to live like people who not only realize problems, but embrace, accept, ingrain it in their existence as naturally and rhythmically as breathing ,that they become immune to it, not only fighting valinatly outside but being inwardly brave, content and inspiring.

It’s an epiphany when theoretically glorified ideals like trickle down effects can transcend into realities while some of us might hilariously end up feeling like a chaotic mess of the confusing, yet fascinating 21st century.

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