When you feel everything is swirling in your head. When you feel the wind press hard on your face. When you are in the tryst to give up your rest. Remember, just take a deep breath.

Inhale your life, feel the scents. Capture the enormous , swallow the strength. Absorb the energy ,let it seep in your veins. Let it reach your heart and supply your brains. Breathe the life, breathe the ways, breathe through purity, breathe through stress. Smell the exhaustion mixed with the smell of summer, smell the winds and sense the ocean, smell the emotions and see the life, smell the food and feel pure joy, smell the sweat to listen to dreams. Smell and dust as well as the fresh breeze.Smell to see, hear and feel. Take everything in because you were born for it, capture it ,because it sustains you. Breathe because that is what we all deserve,it is our the common logo through all the segregation that we construct. It’s what me make that helps us be alive, it’s the air we share which senses the love we emit.

No matter where you are, no matter how you rest. The feel of the mountains, the buzzing of the streets. The vex of emotions, or the beginning of actualizations. What’s really consistent is the need to process. When finally the words fall short,when finally the objectives are gone. What remains is a breath, always there through the bittersweet endings, or the sighs of contentment.

We laugh and cry in vicious circles. We go through a range of emotions. We transverse through phases , we endure and embrace changes but what never changes is need to breathe. A deep breath to remain as well as feel alive.

It can be the Kirk breathing of exhaustions, the rhythmic breathing of peace, the fast breathing of nervousness, or the slow breathing of end, the temporary stop of fear or the race through happiness.

Breathe through the adolescent energy, breathe through the wrinkles that mesmerize your face. Breathe with the river flowing and flooding, breathe with the wind that flutters the leaves, breathe when the light feather slowly descends though the space. Try breathe when you’re starting to feel suffocated, breathe when you feel the current from another dimension. Breathe to be set free, breathe to commit yourself . Breathe with strangers and breathe with friends.

It’s funny how the most constant trait is a spectrum of variation and how the most calming feel is the most basic of sense.
Through all the religions through all the mediation. Through all your troubles , through all the instabilities. Inhale as well as exhale. Accept and let go.That’s all you need to do.

Just breathe

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