Wield the wand

Magic the credence that never dies. A tale of deadly tool for the wicked and the blesseth weapon for the bliss, and a force between this spectrum of extreme for those who believe in grey and the undefined perspective.
The tendency which ceases to allure with the passage of time and the frequency of use.A factor which is steadily ignored due to habit and adaptation. A special gift which should be seldom used .

The decoration that adds to the aesthetic and gaudy, yet so grand to be trivial and mundane.
We all want to be the Harry Potter, catch some fantastic beasts and be wizard of Oz but we might just be the secret of a traditional recipe, the unventured corner of a popular park, the window seat in a running train, the smile when the surrounding seems to drain, all desire, a wand and a cape but the simplest of magic is the one that lasts an eternity and remembered through all centuries.

To do the work of a lifetime in seconds of spells is the magic which restricts itself.It must yield a power as powerful unpredictable , and untamed as nature itself.
Magic lies in the air, you must breathe it without taking it for granted. Magic is a force to be explored, alluring and lethal. A soul which is beautiful because of it’s flaws.

You see it when you choose to, when you are brave enough to construct your own norms and undo all that you unconsciously inherit. When you are brave enough to sacrifice your label of ‘sanity’ and trade it for deals greater than mere eccentric.

When you enjoy every moment of losing control, and zealously admire your obsessing even when you are aware of how you shall be perceived. It’s about living a life with no certain rewards, and exasperating risks due to the characteristic traits of uncertainty.A intangible force making you jumpy but summoning you into a different dimension.
Magic is something you create, and not something you seek.
It lies deep inside you, with you being the one with the map to hunt the forbidden treasure, if you believe and choose to do so.

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