The fundamentals of funny

Add a pinch of funny to the dish of personality to create a gung-ho recipe of fun and effortless favorability.

The concepts of funny are available in various ranges, intensities and frequencies made to suit your subjective desires and wills with  imperfection. On the huge spectrum you can demand for ridicule, plead for self-deprecaition, seek the intelligence or thrive on sarcasm.

If you are vying for some attention and goodwill bring out the humour to serve the therapeutic effect. Afraid of how to start how about unapologetic honesty and a sincere effort to loosen up.Use the catch of candour or the power of contextual reference.

Looking for a fixed reputation bearing jokes invest in the trends, follow the mainstream and don’t shy away from your potential craziness and whack.

Be sure to maintain the fine line between the cynosure of my guide to charisma and the mantras of annoyance. It’s classic to make mistakes it’s the guaranteed path to a funnier lane.

Keep the sarcastic tones with the ironic undercurrents and rings always on the edge. Differneces in any aspect are alluring use them to your advantage.

Venture into the cosmic questions in the void. Detach yourself from the generic grave intellectual tones and give a shot to the eccentric and upbeat yet, you can always brood.

Confidence and bravery is the right key my lords and my ladies. Under uncontrollable environments when there is an advent into the downward spiral remember you ought to stop the non- sense at a certain point.

Always have the ready provisions of impairments and get habituated to occasional embarrasments and humiliation.

Strange as it might seem keep practising and executing the morals of your strange jokes even if they rapidly convert into dark and twisted imagination.

In the end if it all deviates from our intricately designed masterplan too great in authenticity you most likely should brace yourself for as the Indonesians like to call it a JAYUS! 

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