To all the travel bloggers

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”- Benjamin Disraeli

Travel is an adventure of the most passionate and wildest of souls. Wanderlust transcends to all the ages, through all the times, in the most unusual and unheard ways. Travelling is that art which has led to the discovery of new cultures, societies, customs, perhaps even continents, but most importantly it has leads to the actualization and discovery of one’s inner self.

Travelling summarises as venturing beyond your comfort zone, daring to feel like a stranger yet craving for an attachment. It as a task which can lead to disorientation of surroundings, yet connect you to yourself in a way you never reckoned possible. It acquaints you with not only the new and inexperienced, but something that lay hidden and inside you for as long as now in the very essence of this moment.

Travelling can change your beliefs, challenge your thoughts, transform your principles and prevail your courage and bravery, in the most trifling ways like talking to a stranger, trusting your instinct, and letting go of the fanatics of self-preservation for a moment of sheer vulnerability. This newfound courage, crave and curiosity can make you do wonders.

You were in a cocoon until now looking at the world from the bewildered eyes of a worm having a worm eye’s view but when you develop to leave that cocoon you transform into a beautiful butterfly soaring the skies with its colourful wings. Ready to explore every new flower, ready to take in the fragments of new colours so that they become parts of you. You look to the world from a bird’s eye view.

When you travel you chase an endless dream, that you would be unaware of sitting in a humble abode somewhere being perfectly satisfied with the stability and routine. You widen the horizons of your life not only in a physical perimeter sense but in a deep symbolic prose.

Travelling is an education, it’s a learning teaching you to adapt and be flexible, yet retain the core and individuality. It teaches you to give up the rigid rules you swear by and embrace the beauty of diversity, and complexity. It encourages you to break down the complexes and diversities into simplicity and even makes the simplest jobs an accomplishment.

You experience different forms of happiness, happy lives and contentment. Different concepts of fun, excitement and kindness. A peace of the most mobile tendency. A familiarity and nostalgia in remote land thousands of miles, from what you call home.

Travelling is more than just seeing the beautiful, popular, the starlit sky, turbulence, or arid deserts it is about once in a while seeing yourself become someone different, becoming an admirer, not a critic neither a rebel but a devotee. It is about seeing yourself in a new light and role, and learning not only the ground reality but yourself.

It is how the beauty of French taught you about subtlety, how the rules of the land of the rising sun taught you the importance of homogeneity as a cohesive group, how the Pyramids taught the harsh reality of lethal beauties of the wild nature. Yet standing strong through all the odds and emerging more inspiring and captivating than ever. Raising the bars even when you thought they were unreachable.

A Traveller is one who learns to respect, shows integrity, is open to changes, and has truly gained from the experiences of not only himself but even of the other secondary sources. Travelling teaches you to mould with others, to be a part of someone else’s world, to dedicate your efforts to someone else and in return in teaches you to stand out even while you try to fit in.

Travelling is akin to life itself anxiety in the beginning, enjoyment and challenges in the process, and a sense of fulfilment yet unquenched thirst in the end. It teaches you to embrace an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar people and treat them with awe. It teaches you to believe in yourself and confide in your skills. To have faith in not only the place to the hospitality of which you throw yourself, but faith even in your actions, decisions and takeaways. The way you treat others, is the way you treat yourself. If you are kind to others, you are kind to yourself.

Ancient hermits, Indian sages, the wise and the grave men, denounced material life and travelled till they found inner peace. The only way to find peace is look beyond yourself as it changes something inside you. Learn from how others lead their life, don’t just go to a place belong to it. Find nobility in the modest of hearts.

The cherry blossom is not just an indication of the spring but the emblem of the fleeting and temporary, the mountains are not just a peak but he strong and sustainable. The forbidden might as well be a ridicule thought of mind. Travelling makes you live several lives. You know what you like because you have tried what you thought you didn’t like.

Go and widen your perspective, probe deep in the corners of your own mind, the small moments might seem more glorifying than the pompous ones. Go and get yourself a new reality, an outlook, escape the prejudices and bias. It not just about the countries, but morals, lessons, and a taste to life.

Go around and discover yourself as an unknown reward. Hear the melodies of emotions and beats of your ever changing heart and desires. Dance to the tunes of life, sway to the changes of time, breathe the new, behold the heritage and stop the time. Find a home in every part of the world.

(Dedicated to all the travel bloggers who take out their own time to share their tales, stories and experiences. To those who want to share their thrill with the world even when they could succumb to not doing so. To those you take out time out of their hectic travelling lives, only so we could be inspired to be a part of it. Thank you to all of you for the efforts you take to share your joy.)

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