Frustration with cinema

Don’t get me as a hater of performing arts here; I absolutely adore and indulge in good cinema but today I’m going to discuss about a topic which will certainly not pop up as a surprise. ROM-COMS and ROMANCE.

Trust me, I do know how chessy and shallow I do sound.

To be very kind I will not brandy the truth. I pretty much hate rom coms. They do make me smile ocassionally maybe even wish for something so sweet time and again but overall, they purely annoy me.

The storylines and characters are definite and predictable. Rich rude, heinous popular girls, nerds the only pack full of personality, handsome guys with no morale who think they have a sway over every girl and so it justifies their betting over them.

The not so popular or dorky girls can of course, turn stylish and fashionable for their knights and can never deny or spurn them beacuse apparently, they happen to be much more than they deserve to get.

However, the conceited boys can never try to be a nerd for their new girls; can just appreciate them through words but never really perform an actual act of evolving for their intellectual  counterparts.

The popular and the dorks must always under any circumstance ,be on two seperate sides of the world with no mingling among one another.

The popular might get sick of their popularity but others will always want to be them since the concept of being content is severely absent. Everyone must have a best friend who sticks with them all the time and not just different people to seek company or conversation under varying situations.

I know some movies might provide me slight changes to these fundamental rules of interpreting a teenage drama but overall the content hardly shows experimenting.

I seek a genuine apology from all the people who I have offended, but can’t seem to get rid of my cynicism and skepticism just yet.


One thought on “Frustration with cinema

  1. Dear friend,
    allow my following to say: Isn’t cynicism and skepticism something to hide something? Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “they attack to to hide that they are attackable…” I mean to say that we all should be more modest and start to look at our own mistakes and shortcomings – as long my house is dirty how can blame or use cynical words to another house. It is important to go a way which from violence even in thoughts, words and deeds. We should pay attention to question ouselves, what motives are behing our cynicsm – if we find that we have just used for example for the purpose of interlectual wrestlings – then we can see ourself like: Man know thyself. In the end we will find so many shortcomings and mistakes in us that we no longer have time for example to criticise other people – then we are busy to weed out all our own shortcoming and by this we get more and more humble. Our mind is very very tricky and as we are treating other people sometimes, offending, them using cynic words and thoughts – this come back to us like bumerang – as life is a mirror to ourselves. That what you see in other, in you too. And what did Gandhi say: Be the change if you wish to see a change in the world – and that means we have to start with us, to change us to the better.
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend
    Have a relaxing time

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