The irony of short runs and long runs

I’m glad to see you back here trust me it’s a delight to have someone else spend their time to my utter nonsensical thoughts.

I was beginning to wonder that my amateurish blog happened to be, only an isolated place on world to vent up my emotions and some sort of secret diary.

Have you ever thought of doing a deed or choosing a particular path in the short run in terms of career, job etc. But have refrained yourself due to the consideration, of a stable long-term future.

Maybe you lived to regret it, simply let go of it or have rather complemneted yourself for making the right choices. Quite honestly,  I find deciding between short run moments of satisfaction and long terms with come with no guarantee ,difficult to say the least.

There have been times when I thought I was doing something so cool only to realize later I made a fool of myself.Trust me, if we meet sometime you will find the story hilarious but let’s not discuss about my lack of sense right now.

A perfect life is draining and exhausting, but a lifetime with a couple of mistakes which make you laugh at yourself breathe life into human existence. Sometimes we even thoroughly enjoy are mistakes. They are the talk of our fun conversations, purposeless things we talk about at lenghth. Maybe they don’t prove your intellectual brightness but they do make you real enough to bear.

The long run is too risky and difficult to predict while the short run is perhaps, thwarted with too much analysis.

So enjoy the market period to the degree you possibly can and maximize your imperfect satisfactions.


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