This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Firstly, thank you all for delighting me with your presence it’s a surprise that we found each other. 

Since, we’ve embarked upon a very new friendship let’s start on a honest note and that is I haven’t travelled much , but the modest experiences I’ve had have been unique in a way or other.

Have you ever wandered in the streets saying to yourself that you are looking like the most confident human on earth whose virtue is an envy of numerous eyes. Then in a turn of events when a series of people stare at you, devoid of a smile and you become the most uncomfortably self conscious person ever.

Trying to analyse the appropriateness of your manners, dress basically everything. You fail to enjoy the beauty of the place but concern yourself with the way people are looking at you. Then the last thing you know you’re almost running to reach your destination clearly shattering your image of a long peaceful walk.

Happens with me quite often I wish I could do away with the self consciousness but turns out conquering even your most morbid and distant fears ain’t easy.

I hope when we cross paths we atleast make efforts to smile at ecah other. Let’s make my awkward walks a bit comfortable.

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